Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why Johnny Can't Concentrate

Recently I have found myself lacking in the desire department when it comes to reading what was once captivating for me. My Sports Illustrated subscription has been rendered useless, much like my toys were when I discovered the opposite sex's cup sizes were much more enthralling.

I no longer give a shit about whether a new free agent signed to my Buffalo Bills is skilled in the nickel defense or if he tackles like Deion Sanders. For some reason I don't care to read that same rehashed story about how an athlete turns his career around after he realizes he has been wasting his talent, time and energy on smoking blunts and experimenting in sexual positions with groupies.

I don't want to hear cliches from newly signed coaches, and the whole spiel about "changing the culture" of the team. I no longer care and it is scary. Seriously, why can't Johnny concentrate on what once mattered so much.

Perhaps I can point to Google reader and say that it is my downfall. THERE ARE SO MANY UNREAD ITEMS OMG!!! I find myself judging an article by it's first line. If it sounds like shit, I skip it. This has come to affect my reading of physical print. The only exceptions tend to be when I am reading something from a writer that I trust or somebody I know, which is when I give an article a chance beyond it's first line.

I think I decided just as I was writing "I think I decided" that I am going to cancel some subscriptions. Some of it is just bullshit. The Internet is giving me the same information with less advertising and less irrelevant material to wade through. No longer will I thumb through two issues of Inc. magazine to finally have one arrive in my mailbox with one story that interests me. And sorry S.I. because Dan Patrick and his witty words will likely not keep me. Neither will those envelopes you send me with threatening messages like "renew it or lose it". You act like you are giving me the privilege of being a paying subscriber to your fucking magazine! But that is for another rant, another time.

I don't think we have discovered why Johnny can't concentrate. Maybe it's the information overload that is presented to all of us all of the time. Yeah that sounds good, let's just go with that.

UPDATE: You know what else Sports Illustrated? That cotton sweatshirt was not super comfortable either. Fuck your free gifts!


Christopher Reinhard said...

First of all, great thoughts here. I'd love to read more about it.

Secondly, I just had a long conversation the other night about the death of print and how even professional journalism is starting to fall off. It's pretty ridiculous, subscribing to magazines based on worded information, when everything you could ever possibly read is available online. ESPN the Magazine? No. The Wall Street Journal? No. The list is only as finite as the number of these publications that are still circulating.

The only kind of print I still support is the kind that can't be experienced online: art, photography, and the like.

Otherwise, I'm calling it. Print is dead in 2020.

JK said...

You might be right about the 2020 date. I could see that happening.