Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not So Fast, Eagle...

OK, so this site named Spickr came out recently and amazingly it's not a site for denigrating Hispanics. Instead it has a bunch of sites together in one place and does shit, blah blah blah. Well, they realized they made a mistake and now are calling themselves fasteagle. You're telling me not one Spanish person works for them or socializes with these people and these Spanish people didn't tell them, "hey, you might want to brainstorm a little bit harder before you stick with Spickr"?

Another new site is called passingstranger and this website is for you to try to make a connection with a stranger you walked by but were too much of a bitch to say something to at the moment. What a great idea, let's encourage people to be afraid of social contact even more. OK, web 2.0, I've had enough of you for now, go to your room.


Ren Ariel Sano said...



Christopher Reinhard said...

As for Spickr, I concur with the LOL sentiment.

And on the other one: didn't craigslist already have that idea? As far as I know, Missed Connections is the same damn thing.

PS. That link to passingstrangers goes to some seemingly god-awful band from Dallas.

JK said...

Thanks for the p.s. about the link. I fixed it.