Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ill Fitted

I typed "Fitty Cent" into Google and this was the 1st picture that appeared. I am actually typing this post because I'm sick and tired of hearing "Fitty". It's 50, fifty, fiff + tee. OK. Yes I am white but I noticed that mostly white people say Fitty. Never have I heard a black person that didn't work for a morning talk show say "Fitty Cent".

ATTENTION White People Everywhere: This shit does not make you hip or cool. It does not make your relationship with your children a closer one. If your mission is to sound more knowledgeable about hip hop and what these crazy kids are into nowadays this is not the way to go about executing that mission. If you say fitty, that "white voice" that so many black comedians use is probably similar to what comes from your vocal cords. This has been a message from the Committee to Make White People Look Less Like Assholes, thanks for reading.


Jeffrey Max said...

I don't think we're fighting the same battle. I sent an email last week to my Soccer Mom email list that said, "Sup, y'all. Just wanted to confirm our 2nd Annual Bling Fling is at 8 pm next Saturday. Hope to see all y'all 'gangstas' there! Lata, homegirls!"

JK said...

Tapping soccer mom ass...we are definitely fighting the same battle.

Christopher Reinhard said...

"I plead the fif."