Thursday, April 3, 2008

What Made Me: TV Dinner's

TV Dinner. Yum Yum. Nothing says America like using a microwave to warm up shitty food so you can save yourself time and avoid missing a new episode of "Big Brother" or whatever crap that people watch nowadays.

That may have been a little harsh. TV dinners were dinner for me sometimes. I was young, I didn't know better. My TV dinners had to have chicken in them too. Nuggets, breast, hip, neck, fingers, dinosaur shapes, it doesn't matter. Chicken was a MUST. Even though I ate them, it doesn't mean they are not shitty.

What am I talking about? Who can resist a chicken nugget that is 80% breading? What about french fries that are dry and taste kinda like plastic? Corn that tastes old? Or, how about a brownie for dessert that you can't even get out of the mold that it's in? Wow, I sure am getting hungry. TV dinner's suck! That is it. Get your ass up and make something to eat that doesn't suck. No wonder obesity is such a problem in this country, TV + Dinner = dog throw up.

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