Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Octopi Post

Today is a day where you celebrate the Octopus. You will celebrate it dammit!

This Octopus thing came about because I read this article that is so dirty and yet clean at the same time: Kinky world of octopus exposed. Come on, that's great! They said that they strangled other octopi if they tried taking their piece of ass! And here is my favorite part of the article, they say that an octopus would try to trick other octopusses (I'm tired of saying octopi) by "swimming girlishly".

That whole article reads like an episode of "Cops". Domestic dispute and transsexual octopi walking the street girlishly. I could make a handjob joke but I will refrain.

To top off this post I am putting up a link to this kick ass video of an octopus and a shark reenacting Anton Chigurh's escape from jail (just fast forward to 1:30 in to it)

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