Saturday, April 5, 2008

J Be Mad @ #1: Web 2.0 Companies

One definition of Web 2.0 that I found on the ever correct Wikipedia is this: "...the philosophy of mutually maximizing collective intelligence and added value for each participant by formalized and dynamic information sharing and creation"

OK. Whatever. Basically, I think Web 2.0 means: make a site with a "hip" design, find a way to connect people with other people through your site, and come up with a goofy name for it. Something I have noticed recently with these websites is that many are choosing to put an "r" at the end of their name. Examples: Flickr, Wallowr, Grubstr, Twitter, Drinkstr, Blabbr etc. etc. etc.

You see? With many of these sites, the trick is this: Make your name end in the "er" sound but subtract the "e". What you get as a result is a Web 2.0 site! What a breakthrough!

It's soooooo easy! Let's try it. I will give you some ideas for new Web 2.0 sites, feel free to steal them if they haven't been done yet:

Datr: Dating site for people who can't spell date.

Clubbr: Social networking site for people who swallow ecstasy pills that come in the shape of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Hardr: Social networking site for people into kinky sex.

Christr: Social networking site for Jesus freaks.

Another thing I dislike about these sites is that everybody is trying to be SO specific! There are a bunch of sites for rating things, sites for polls, sites to plan dinner meetings, sites to plan lunch meetings! I mean damn, do you really think you are going to succeed? Do you think I want to go to a different site for each thing I do in my life? Do I have the time for that? No.

To finish this, I would like to speak directly to these entrepreneurs. Be original. Make a web 3.0 site. Create an original name. Not a name that uses a word Google will think I misspelled if I type it into the search bar. Bring something new to the table, something that we don't know we need yet, not something that we can get from 100 different places besides your site. Thank you.

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i gota agree with your definition of web 2.0! oh, and youve been tagged homie!

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